2021 Referee Sprint Challenge

The gauntlet is thrown down. Who are the best referees in the United States? Are *your* referee assignments powered by AMPS?

In conjunction with DCReferees.com Performance Analytics System (TM/Patent Pending), Powered by AMPS brings on the 2021 REFEREE SPRINT CHALLENGE. Sports performance expert and professional running coach Walt Cline is prepared to analyze your sprint movement mechanics for sprint efficiency, acceleration technique, and potential susceptibility to injury – and determine your AMPS score rating. The challenge is to video your typical CTR sprint from a deep CK position in which a defender has intercepted the corner kick and has cleared the ball to a waiting MF for a counterattack. Can you join the PURSUIT and win the positional race?


*REFEREE positions at the penalty area join point with the end line. Referee runs in straight line parallel to penalty area and *through* the midfield line, curling toward opposite center circle arc to witness a potential KMI.

Videocamera/phone operator stands at near side of center circle arc and turns on camera with focus point on torso, legs, and arm movements. Videocamera operator yells “COUNTER” and brings down arm from raised position, which signals the referee to begin sprint.

* Film of ONE sprint submitted to wahooref@gmail.com, which will be uploaded to the #RefereeSprintChallenge YouTube channel, where Coach Cline can analyze the video recording and provide your AMPS Score

* Run must be on outdoor surface – turf or grass. Can happen before or after a match. USSF or NISOA.

Why is the challenge structured this way? Looking to mimic a soccer-referee specific skill – as per this video – and the approach many of us have used in this situation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUEYcQTR5sk

How to submit your entries? Email your entry to wahooref@gmail.com