About the Referees


The corps of officials that I assign to officiate soccer games to my client list is extremely capable and uniformly professional, dedicated to putting forth their respective best individual efforts in each match and allowing the players to be the stars of the soccer fields.  We stress fairness, fun, competitiveness, and player safety.

Our officials have substantial experience, ranging from FIFA Referees, USSF National Referees, USSF State Referees, NISOA college officials, VISOA college officials, and National Federation of High School/Virginia High School League playoff certified officials.  Many of our officials have been appointed to professional assignments in Major League Soccer, W-League, PDL, and USL.  Other officials have been selected to represent their respective state referee associations at State Cup, US Soccer Regional/National Championship tournaments, USASA National Cups competitions, and USASA Veterans Cup.   Other officials in the corps are on the respective paths to those match assignments.

Our officials are fluent in English and also have proficiency in Spanish, French, and Arabic.