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The purpose is to aggregate useful information about referee professional development so that our officials are best equipped to support our partner leagues, tournaments, and exhibition competitions.


Referee Development Presentation – Corner Kicks and Tactical Officiating – MONDAY, JULY 12 2021 8 PM EST via Zoom.  Expert Panelists are Shak Hill (DCV), Corey Yerace (PA West), and Jeremy Zehr (MD).  Topics include:

  • Offensive and Defensive Corner Kick Tactics
  • Optimal Referee/AR Positioning
  • Foul Recognition and Discrimination for every Corner Kick
  • Corner Kick Risk Management inside Penalty Area
  • Corner Kick Misconduct

Referee Development Presentation – Tournament Selection – MONDAY, JUNE 28 2021 8 PM via Zoom.  Expert Panelists are Kevin Nicholson (WV); Nick Chancey (LA); Brent Brownell (TX); and Vince DiNardo (CA South). 
*Tournament Selection
*Assignor-Referee Relations
*Preparations and Execution
*Travel/Nutrition Advice

Referee Development Newsletters

Training Materials
*PRO: Kicking the Ball at Opponent
*PKs – Foul Recognition and Encroachment Decision Practice
a) MLS with Charlie Davies
b) MLS with Charlie Davies
c) USA-MEX CONCACAF Nations Cup Final
d) MLS Red Card Flashback (2019):

* Stadium and Spectator Issues
a) When Ball Kids Attack:
b) USA-MEX Spectator Field Invasion:
c) USA-MEX Spectators Throwing Bottles at Players
d) Dismissed spectator returns to field:
e) Dismissed coach returns to field:

*Goal Video Candy
b) USL Goals of the Week:
c) Women’s Professional/International Goal Reel
Cool Clips:
*USA FIFA Referee Tori Penso proudly smashing CONCACAF glass:
* Official Professionalism by Brendan Mullarkey (NY):