How to Become a Referee

THANK YOU for your interest in becoming a U.S. Soccer Referee! We need you to help our soccer reach its fullest potential.

Future Available Classes in Northern Virginia:

Step 2: Create a Profile in the Virginia Official Management System.

You must be at least 13 years old.

All Learning Center profiles will require a unique primary email address. A secondary email address, such as that of a parent, may be provided to be copied on all communications.

U.S. Soccer Learning Center

Step 3: Enroll in and Complete the New Grassroots Referee Online Course

  1. From within the U.S. Soccer Learning Center, select Courses -> Available Courses -> Grassroots Courses -> New Referee -> Online Course -> Proceed to Registration.
  2. Cost: $0.00.
  3. Duration: the online course will take you approximately 4.5 total hours, which can be completed over multiple sessions. Your progress will be saved as you take the course, and you can leave and return to this online course at any time.

Step 4: Enroll in and Complete a New Grassroots Referee In-Person Course (3 hours)

Step 5: Attend on-field session scheduled coincidentally with New Grassroots classroom session.

Step 6: Notify Assignor – so that we can put you to work.