VSA (Haymarket/Bristow area) Recreational Soccer Assignments

How the Assignments Process Works:

Stage I – The Schedule is Distributed via Availability Request Email.  There is no web site that you have to go to look up a games list – it is personally distributed to your inbox for simplicity.  You also don’t have to sign up for games and wait to hear back from the assignor – instead, simply reply to the email with your availability.
Stage II – Reply to Schedule Availability Request Email.  Check your own playing schedule, confirm you have transportation – and then REPLY EMAIL with WHERE you want to work, WHEN you can work, and any preferences you have (lots of centers, CTR/AR rotation, AR only, etc.).  If you can either leave the message header in place or at least the match dates in the subject line of the email, that will help ensure your match request doesn’t get stuck in a spam folder.
Stage III – ASSIGNMENTS MADE.  I will assign matches as soon as I have a critical population reply – usually within 1-2 days of your reply, faster as we get closer to the weekend.   You will receive an email notification to log into GameOfficials to address new match assignments
STAGE IV – ACCEPT ASSIGNMENTS.  Log into GameOfficials at www.gameofficials.net.   Click on the Schedule screen and accept them so that I know you are going to be at the field.
Stage V – LOOK FOR SUBSEQUENT ASKS: If I can’t assign all games from the initial request replies from referees, I will send out subsequent messages looking for more help.    As you may have figured out from this past week, I strongly prefer getting it right the first time – but if you can or want extra games, please let me know at this point.  Stage V sometimes repeats itself once – or several cycles – but I appreciate your forebearance.  If you have given all that you can give of your time, just delete the follow up requests for help.
NOTE – I do not need you to update your blocks in GameOfficials.  I’m not looking there to send you the games that you prefer.  🙂



Send email to wahooref@gmail.com or complete form below: